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About Counselling

Providing a platform for clients to express or offload their bottled up feelings into the open in their own way.
Encouraging them to hear their voice and understand their situation.
What are their aims and ambitions from counselling.
No ridicules, judgemental, advising, interrupting or threatening to expose clients information.
Safe environment and practising strict confidentiality on clients information even though third party is paying for the counselling.
Notation form- to understand client's individuality, life history, reasons for counselling and avoiding repeating same questions in each session.
Reasons for counselling, self referral or third party.
Clarifying fees and payments to avoid any future misunderstanding.
Importance of time-keeping, session time will be deducted from the hour, another client might be waiting or prior engagements.
Professionalism- supportive but not too familiar or socialising.
Safe guarding both parties interest. Signing a contract to make it legal and binding.
Clients hour belongs to the client and not for burdening own problems on the client.
Boundaries and Frame-work.
Working with strangers to prevent being judgemental or assuming.
Confidence building- empowering clients to make own choices or particular life style.
Explaining types of counselling and their particular benefits or suitability according to clients temperament and needs.
Number of sessions which can increase or decrease at client's response to therapy.
Therapy held at same time and place.
No distraction internally or externally during counselling session.
Preparing clients before the final therapy session.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Insecure or over confident people into understanding their particular behaviours.
Lonely and how to overcome
Over-coming procrastination through building self-confidence.
Phobias - Reasons for phobias and working with clients to overcome.
Importance of building self-confidence.
Insecurity, unable to trust or have eye contact with anyone.
Working on present behaviours through childhood memories, likes and dislikes, parents or main carers influence on the upbringing which is reflecting clients' character and way of life style.
Using therapies in removing negative behaviours or beliefs from clients subconscious mind and to deal as an adult.
Discussing reasons for behaviours- surviving or being accepted by family members or peer groups.
Sacrificing ambition, holding back to please or honour family responsibilities.
Discussing health and habits and dependency.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Helping clients to realise their dreams and life goals.
Gaining inner happiness, feeling sense of achievement.
Taking responsibility on actions taken.
Overcoming negative behaviours, habits of the past.
Accepting relapse will occur but knows techniques how to overcome to maintain new life style .
Building of will power and being positive.

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